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The Estridge Group REALTORS® is a team of highly specialized professionals who can provide buyers and sellers with personal service and an expert understanding of real estate in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase, MD and Washington, D.C. areas. Instead of just having one expert in your corner as with other real estate teams, we give you access to seven group members, each with his or her own skills and experiences to help you get through the process of buying and selling as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Melissa Watts ,

Melissa Watts

Melinda Estridge, Owner, The Estridge Group

Melinda Estridge Owner, The Estridge Group

Bob O'Toole, Partner of The Estridge Group

Bob O'Toole Partner of The Estridge Group

Joyce Brown, Operations Manager, Licensed Agent

Joyce Brown Operations Manager, Licensed Agent

Scott Sachs, Listing Partner / Buyer Specialist

Scott Sachs Listing Partner / Buyer Specialist

Daniel Schuler,  - Listing Partner / Buyer Specialist

Daniel Schuler - Listing Partner / Buyer Specialist

Caroline Aslan, Buyer Agent

Caroline Aslan Buyer Agent

Eric Goldstein, Buyer Specialist

Eric Goldstein Buyer Specialist

Tom Ryan, Leads Manager

Tom Ryan Leads Manager

Greg Allison, Closing Manager / Agent

Greg Allison Closing Manager / Agent

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