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Melinda Estridge Owner, The Estridge Group

You know, Melinda Estridge has always been passionate about helping others

achieve their goals. Just a little over 30 years ago that same passion led her to

pursue the practice of real estate. Working tirelessly to assist buyers in finding

their dream homes – and in helping homeowners sell their properties for top dollar,

Melinda has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of the top REALTORS® not

only in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area - but nationwide as well! Her

enthusiasm, dedication and personal integrity make her your REALTOR® of


Today, as owner of The Estridge Group, Melinda offers her clients top-tier

service. From the initial meeting, implementing staging strategies, and ironing out

every last detail of the offer on your home, Melinda keeps the communication lines

open - and always keeps your best interests at the forefront of the transaction.

But there’s more to life than Real Estate, and coming from a REALTOR that says a

lot! In addition to her business activities she works in the community organizing

things big and small, like the Estridge Group's annual neighborhood Dump,

Donate & Shred days – sounds like fun and it is. Let’s add client parties, and

social get-togethers, and much more. It’s because REALTORS® not only sell

homes - they sell communities and lifestyles – quality of life really - and our

relationships are a huge part of where we live.

Melinda and the group are also great supporters of the Rock Creek Conservancy,

and the The Green Road Project raising over $40,000 in 2016 to help fund the

project's dedicated efforts in healing our wounded soldiers and their families.

Finally, her passion for travel, her family, and even for her cat Max (the best cat in

the world) help to balance her perspective on life and business. Travel is so

important, visiting other countries and peoples informs her understanding of how

folks live, relate and communicate and enhances her understanding of how Real

Estate affects every community.

Bob O'Toole is the Estridge Group's Senior Agent Partner and also Melinda's

husband! His background in finance, with over 20 years experience in the

mortgage industry, combined with some great people skills and his service-

mindedness, benefits both the Estridge Group team and our clients. Being “people

oriented” is so important, and it means so much to us all to match the right home

with the right folks.

Bob's insight and ability to understand the complexities of real estate financing

enables The Estridge Group to fully execute one of the most important steps in

analyzing a contract: the "due diligence" in determining the qualifications of the

buyers. With Bob's input, the group reviews every offer with a fine-tooth comb, so

that there is no time wasted accepting a contract that has little chance of making it

to settlement.

Bob and Melinda work together on many community efforts, and in addition he’s a

great supporter of Chevy Chase at Home, a local non-profit that keeps seniors

connected with their Chevy Chase community.

Add golf, add tennis and of course add support for the Indiana University of

Pennsylvania (his alma mater) and Delta Sigma Phi and you’ve got a pretty busy,

well rounded guy.

Take a moment to review these stats on Melinda’s business career, and I think

you’ll agree that Melinda, Bob and her team are the right fit for your Real Estate


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