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A beautiful community.

Potomac is a great place to live. I'd never want to move!

-Andy Stevens

Potomac is a small town rich in heritage and community values. One of the most affluent and desirable places to live in Montgomery County, Potomac is characterized by rolling green hills, premier custom homes, lush golf courses, and an abundance of recreational opportunities. The atmosphere shows in participation in many community events and organizations.

History of Potomac, MD

In the late 1920's, horse lovers began streaming to Potomac when Washington's fox hunters were looking for an escape from their growing city in order to pursue their sport. The "Potomac Hunt" was established in the early 1940's, and the Potomac Polo Club began in 1957 and is still active today. This summer escape for Washington's elite developed into a year round home for them. The settlement of Potomac has brought commerce, recreation, schools, jobs, and a thriving community. For horse lovers, Potomac is still an ideal place to live - horses have been a tradition in this area since the early 1900's. Potomac has grown rapidly over the last ten years, with much of the area's industry high-tech or government-related. Still, many large tracts of land are intact.

Homes and Community Events in Potomac

The community boasts one of the largest concentrations of $1M+ real estate in the country. Average single-family homes range from $845,000. Upscale luxury townhomes range from $750,000+. The Potomac Community Center provides an endless calendar of community events. Residents of all ages benefit from the vast array of activities planned by the Center's staff. Highlights include the annual Potomac Hunt held each spring and the Potomac Festival held each autumnn.



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It's so peaceful here.

We just love our home in Potomac.  

-Donna and Travis Shelle

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