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Kensington is the Place to Be

I've lived in Kensington close to ten years. It's a great community.

-Arthur Aaron

Kensington is a town that covers a large area and holds many distinctive communities and neighborhoods. In the Kensington Historic District, you can easily find a variety of distinguished elements which personify the town's history and keep the area tied to the past.

The History of Kensington, MD

The Town of Kensington was chartered in 1894, but before that time, the land had traded hands and names many times. However, most deeds were linked to the original "Joseph's Park," which was owned by Colonel William Joseph in the later 1600s. The western border of this park is roughly four miles of Rock Creek, from Chevy Chase in the south to beyond Parkwood. The northern limit swings from Rock Creek to the current intersection of Veirs Mill road and Georgia Avenue. Kensington now resides in this northwestern corner of the old Park, which used to be more than six and a half square miles in size.

At the time of the newly established charter, Kensington contained over a dozen subdivisions created in the late 19th century. Currently, the town's postal zone spans a wide area and includes Chevy Chase View, Rock Creek Hills, Kensington Heights, Homewood, Byeford Knolls, Rock Creek Highlands, part of Parkwood, and many others.

Things to Do in Kensington

Community groups in Kensington set up local events throughout the year. An example of this is the yearly Labor Day Parade and Festival. This celebration usually brings a large attendance of neighbors to the festivities. Libraries and schools also put on various events, and the community theater provides performances at the Town Hall and Cedar Lane Stage. Local newsletters help carry the schedules and information on these events and special activities.

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Good place to raise a family.

We're so lucky to live in a place like Kensington. 

-Daniel and Mary Brown

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