25 Easy Fix-Ups for Your Home

If you’re thinking of putting your D.C. home on the market, it’s a good idea to have your home at its very best. Buyers who notice needed repairs are more likely to bypass your home for a property that’s move-in ready. Here are a few home improvements and touch-ups you can take on yourself. Always use caution when dealing with major home repairs, and be sure to follow instructions carefully.

Home Improvements You Can Do Yourself

#1. Add A New Coat Of Paint To The Walls – It’s always a good idea to repaint the interior of your home. If you have dark or unusual colors, you may want to consider painting the room a more neutral tone.

#2. Fix Peeling Wallpaper – Gently pull back the area of wallpaper that’s peeling up. Use a small paint brush to apply glue to the exposed wall. Then gently smooth the paper over the glue.

#3. Remove Tub Stains – Before cleaning, it’s always a good idea to know if your tub is made of porcelain or a different material. Use a strong cleaner like Ajax on porcelain tubs mixed with water to remove stains.

#4 Change Handles On Cabinetry – Pick knobs or handles that fit with your kitchen décor for an easy update.

#5 Organize Your Kitchen – To prevent clutter, designate drawers for specific kitchen supplies and keep your countertops clean.

#6 Prevent Scuffing On Wood Floors – Cut out felt squares and place on the bottom of your couch or chair legs.

#7. Cabinet Door Won’t Stay Closed --Installing a catch magnet is relatively quick and simple, and will keep your cabinets from opening.

#8. Fix Floor Scratches – If it’s not a deep scratch, you can use floor scratch markers to help conceal it.

#9. Remove Rust Stains – If you have rust stains in your porcelain sink, use toothpaste and baking soda to lift the stain.

#10. Make A Backyard Garden Box – A good project for a sunny weekend. A garden box is a great way to keep your yard organized, and to grow fresh produce.

#11. Place Lattice Work Divider In Yard – A lattice work divider can provide you with privacy. Plus, you can use it as a place to grow ivy to create a backyard decoration.

#12. Paint Fence – This can help spruce up your yard and add curb appeal.

#13. Use Energy Saver Light Bulbs – Not only is it an easy to do, this little improvement can end up saving you money in the long run.

#14. Stain Cabinets – Apply a stain to wooden cabinetry for a fresh kitchen update.

#15. Replace Blinds With Curtains – Blinds can often appear dusty, and are often difficult to clean. Replace blinds with curtains you can pull back to let the light in.

#16. Remove Carpet From Wooden Floors – It’s a good idea to pull up a corner of carpeting that’s not easily viewable to determine what type of flooring is below. If it’s hardwood, pull up the carpeting, remove any staples and polish the floor to create a spacious effect.

#17. Hang Pictures – Frame your own pictures and hang them up to create a warm environment.

#18. Update Faucets – Install new faucet heads to give your bathroom or kitchen a needed facelift.

#19. Add Patio Furniture – Adding updated patio furniture and a deck umbrella to create a comfortable space.

#20. Install A Pet Door – If you’re planning on redoing a screened-in porch, installing a pet door can be done on your own. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, and purchase a size-appropriate door for your pet.

#21. Power Wash Your Deck – You can rent a power washer to remove stains and dirt from your deck.

#22. Paint The Ceilings – Often, a lighter color on the ceiling can really brighten up an entire room.

#23. Put Shelves In Garage – Installing shelves in your garage can create provide an organizational outlet.

#24. Put Shelves In Bathroom – To prevent your countertops from getting cluttered, install shelving.

#25. Fix Tears In Screens – If you have a small or minor tear in a screen door, buy the same type of screen and use it to patch the area. For a quick fix, you can use clear tape to hold the patch in place or use fishing line to secure it.

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